Oh Hey. I'm Nicholas.

I take pictures for a living.

I blog quite a bit.

I specialize in wedding and portrait photography + storytelling.

It's really the best thing.

Storytelling is important to me because every individual is unique. Placing words and photos together creates a flow for the audience. An experience. There are certainly images 'worth a thousand words', but many shots are entirely lost without a context. My goal as a photographer is to shoot emotion-filled images, and deliver the context for others to have an experience themselves. 

'I've never met a person I couldn't call a beauty.'

I'm not sure of Andy Warhol's religions convictions, or belief about God, but this is perfect. My personal worldview says that each human being was created with the image and likeness of God, and is therefore beautiful. Not only am I telling stories of peoples' most wonderful moments, but I'm also catching a glimmer of what has been created - and this covers all emotions.

Portraits are important to me because every face is unique. Facial expressions are universal. Across the globe, fear has similar facial structures, as well as happiness. Just a tiny lift of the eyelid or a raising of one side of the mouth can change a persons demeanor entirely. The way shadows graze a persons face can make a significant difference in how they are portrayed. 

I picked up a camera a years ago and it was a hobby that quickly developed into much more. I had always been involved in the arts, whether it be piano, guitar, or song-writing. The camera became an additional artistic outlet for me to tell stories, so I launched a Facebook page and a website. I began getting inquiries, and now I'm shooting weddings and portraits full-time.