A close friend of mine purchased a bottle of scotch for my birthday last week. I've always been a craft beer aficionado, but I had never tasted a decent scotch. My previous experiences had been interesting nights with a horrendous bottle of Black Velvet Whiskey. He bought the Highland Park 12. I began my research on the 'correct' way scotch should be enjoyed, and it slowly changed things for me. This particular single malt had only a hint of smoke, but was extremely smooth. Right now, my ability to photograph scotch is significantly better than my ability to taste it. I've since bought a few other bottles, and have realized this is a new money dump, but also a developing hobby. It's also really easy to 'only spend $15' on a four pack of Gubna Imperial IPA, when you just spent nearly $100 on some Glenmorangie 18 year. There will certainly be more updates to follow.