Drekker Brewing Company is probably my most consistent visit in town. I'm generally editing photos in the evening after a long day of teaching. There's rarely a time I don't get their 'Burn the Boats IPA', which probably stands in my top 10 all time IPAs. 

Drekker has been monkeying around with their brews lately by infusing some different ingredients into their brews. Tonight I tried the Burn the Boats IPA that's been infused with juniper berries and additional cascade hops. I was really excited for the new concoction and even paid a dollar more for the keg that was actually tapped today.

I certainly tasted the different hops, but it didn't feel like extra hops. The new hops and the berries did something to the brew that made it noticeably different, but overall worse than the original. Some may like it, but it seems to have lost it's original flavor - and specifically the aftertaste that I enjoy most. The original leaves a unique taste in my mouth that I haven't been able to find elsewhere. I'm still a huge fan of the new one, but it's certainly no 'Burn the Boats'.