A few weeks ago I went to Drekker's 'kegs and canvas' with my favorite craft beer drinking buddy and photographer extraordinaire. 'Kegs and Canvas' essentially brings you to the heart of downtown fargo, through many of the little craft shops and coffee establishments, and even a couple of classier-than-I-am art galleries. Each of the 24 locations had at least two samples of Drekker's increasingly large library of brews. They were all wonderful - except the one with banana. I'll refrain from such drinks in the future. Most of the locations had either a live artist, or an art gallery display. The art evened out our percieved classiness with how much beer we were drinking. (As in it is acceptable to drink more beer early in the evening on a thursday night if we're viewing art simultaneously? Is that a thing?)

Ecce Art gallery on Broadway was my favorite. It's certainly a dream studio space for my photography, but I probably can't afford such a location for a few hundred years. 

We continued our evening with cocktails and live music at the HoDo, followed by Drekker's after-party, followed by JL Beers. Oh yeah, we also went to the OB. We sat down and then realized the OB isn't a place that people should actually ever go, so we left. It was a most eventful evening with a wonderful friend.

Next year: More art, less drink.

Here are a few captures from the evening.