Why is Pumpkin Beer a thing?

Pumpkin beer season has rolled in again. Every year I sample a few new ones, and inevitably conclude that pumpkin beers should all be thrown in the trash. I've always believed pumpkin should be saved for pie, spiced lattes, and even Pop-tarts. This year however, I've amended my standard every-so-slightly. I will now declare that pumpkin beers should be enjoyed in the quantity of 4oz or less, lest the flavor become overwhelming, and ruin one's pumpkin affinity forever. Please note my bias for such beer flavors while reading. 

Pumking - Southern Tier Brewing - 8.6% ABV

Not a whole lot to say about this one. It was quite sweet, but the alcohol content was good to overwhelm the strong pumpkin. Like I said previously: very, very good in 4oz increments.

Warlock - Southern Tier Brewing - 10.0% ABV

Much more intense than the previous pumpkin beer. It had a much darker tint to it, which gave it more of a thick taste. I rarely don't finish my beers, but this one was too strong in the pumpkin sort of way. I can drink crazy hops or imperial stouts all day, but something this sweet was a bit much. If you're a pumpkin beer drinker, I would definitely recommend it over the first.

First shot: Samples

Second shot: Warlock

Third shot: Pumpking