Yes. This is a New Years resolution blog. It's not the first one you've seen, and certainly won't be the last. Lest I sound exceptionally cliche, I'm not going to tell you that I'll go to the gym three times a week, I won't tell you my specific plan to conquer my lasting 'freshman-50' from 4 years ago, and I definitely won't claim self-righteousness in how I want to be a better person. I would love to do ALL of those things, but I have less vague and more meaningful goals for 2016.

1.) Blog more.

Writing helps me process life in a way that no other activity allows for. My friends in other states and countries can keep tabs on what I'm doing, feeling, learning, and what I'm taking pictures of. Putting a specific timeline on a goal can be dangerous, but I'd like to say something about life, travel, religion, or politics, at least once a week. I claim no enduring wisdom in these posts, but all perspectives are unique, and I would love if all my friends kept a blog. 

2.) Meet everyone.

I've met SO many people in the last 6 months. New relationships catch me by surprise sometimes, but they form best when I'm intentional about meeting new people. A new opportunity in life can be denied by simply not introducing yourself to someone next to you in the checkout line, not commenting on the intriguing book a man is reading at the coffee shop, or even deciding to work at home for the day. I've been at the coffee shop for a few hours now, and I've already met four new people, so my resolution is off to a wonderful start.

3.) Travel.

 All of 2015, and especially December was a great month of travel, with adventures to Amsterdam and Paris. I hope to visit 6 continents in 2016. It's a lofty goal, but I'm already at 1/6, of course. I hope to be 2/6 by the end of January with another eurotrip, but we'll see. Paris and Amsterdam allowed me to meet people from all over the US, Europe, as well as a mate (friend, not lover) in Australia, so I have some buddies to catch up with in more places than I have time to travel.

4.) Not vote for Donald Trump.

5.) Read.

Like the lambo owner in that one youtube ad that attributes his wealth to reading book a day (the 'just here in my garage' guy), I'd like to read more than I do. I want to gain knowledge on a wide variety of topics that I don't currently dabble in to make me more useful in society.

6.) Take pictures.

I hope to be nearly sufficient upon photography income by the end of 2016. This means teaching only the students I enjoy working with, and slowly cutting off the rest by the end of the year. I think it's achievable, but it will be difficult. I want to tell the stories of people with photo, video, and music. It's what I'm already doing, but I hope to be continually more full-time as the year progresses.


My only guaranteed resolution on the list relations to Donald Trump, but I think the rest are all are achievable, and measurable, and profitable - so we'll see!