I'm sitting in Fargo, North Dakota's rendition of a German Bier hall when one of the employees approaches me and asks if I'd like to try some snuff sort of tobacco. She explains that it's a German thing in which two dots of tobacco are placed equidistant from a normal persons nostrils on a little stick. The stick is connected to a spring apparatus. The lady tells me that on the count of three, I'm to breathe deeply through my nose. She flicked the spring, and at the same time as I took a breath, the mint-flavored tobacco shot into my nose. It was quite a pleasant experience, and is probably the closest I've come to anything like cocaine. It is similar to if you were snorting Vix powder. I definitely enjoyed it, and I look forward to ordering a few tins, as well as this apparatus in which it is to be enjoyed. If anyone has recommendations, please leave me a comment!