I decided at 10:36pm last night, that today I would take a day trip to St. Louis, Missouri. I've never been here before, and literally all I know is the existence of the Gateway Arch, which I have briefly seen from the distance thus far. 

I wasn't given to slumber until around 1am, so I'm running on a local St. Louis espresso and the hour and a half nap I was graciously granted on the plane (no crying babies, no large smelly man sitting in half of my seat, etc.) 

I arrived in STL at 8:13 and took the train into the city. I took a couple of awkward self portraits on a park bench before heading to Mississippi Mud Coffee roasters. The espresso was quite gritty, which is what I enjoy about such drinks. I met an elderly gentleman named Jean, and we talked for an hour or so about our adventures in life - his far outnumbering my own. Retired, he sips his coffee while dressed in a suit. I asked about his plans for the day when he threw up his arms and exclaimed, "You're looking at em'". He's been in the area for a long time and gave me some suggestions in finding a stellar burger, and a good local micro-brew. 

I've had far to much espresso, and no food as of yet, so my buddy Garrett will be picking me up in a bit to change that. I'm currently debating whether I want to spend $15 to uber to a local guitar shop, or just walk 1.3 miles in my flip-flops. I'm in full bum-mode with sweatpants and a v-neck, so I feel far less classy than normal, and I'm noticing it's affecting my confidence in how I talk to others. Maybe I'll suit up while traveling in the future.

Next, I visited a local guitar shop and had the chance to play a 1971 D35 martin, which sounded beautiful. Later on, my good friend picked me up and we went to 'cheeburger cheeburger', which has an incredibly lame name, but they have a 20oz burger. When I finished it, they took my photo and put it on the wall with the others who had completed the challenge, as well. We went from there to the Schlafly Brewery and had a flight of 6 different brews. They were all very good, but the coffee one stood out the most, as it was significantly more coffee than I had ever tasted in a beer. 

Overall, my 12 hour stay in St. Louis was quite exhausting, but well worth it. I saw a good friend, I ate good food, and partook in drinking good beer.