Welcome to this blog post. I don't think I've ever had a better 30 minutes of shooting before.

I've only known Aaron and Michelle for a couple months now. They own Junkyard Brewing Company, and I've consumed oh-so-much of their beer, so thanks for that. 

Since it was their 10th anniversary, they wanted to recreate some old cheesy wedding images. Aaron picked a flower, which was probably a weed, and we reproduced those photos the best we could.

ANNND....here's the old shot.

Here is another trial at redoing an old photo. Note the awkward hand placement on the neck. They are much better at looking classy now, so we had to try hard to make it cheesy.

I think they look even better now than in this one below.

We couldn't finish a blog without a shot of Aaron trying to be cool. Happy Anniversary, guys!

Send me a message if you want an anniversary shoot or any other sort of photos. Also, go to Junkyard Brewing Company and catch Aaron off-guard by telling him he looks cute in these photos.