First looks are my favorite thing. I attempt not to draw them out longer than they need to be, but these two were so gorgeous. I just wanted to pause them for far too long and capture every movement because each frame was beautiful.

I'm writing about Allie + Teddy on a Delta flight back to Fargo while it's fresh in my head. I'm paging through images on my camera and am reminded of how special today was. Each wedding I've shot is unique in it's own way, but I've casually known Allie + Teddy for a couple of years. The Bride lived with my sister, and the groom attended the same campus ministry as myself. I enjoy shooting weddings of people I know. I understand what emotions I'm looking for, and can predict the shots I want a bit easier. Allie + Teddy are a contagious sort of crazy. Crazy in the absolute best sort of way. The intensity of their facial expressions is impressive, as you'll see in the coming blog posts. You rarely question what they're thinking, because their face and body language speaks oh-so-loud. 

That shot was later in the evening, but I posted it early to give you an idea of their expressions.

We were fortunate enough to catch both a first look with dad, as well as the groom. 

Jim appears to be a classic dad. I found him hanging out at a picnic table with his sunglasses and bottle of water. Many father-of-brides appear anxious or disjointed, but he was very calm and seemed excited for the day. His expressions throughout the night showed the care he had for his daughter, and that was enjoyable to see. His speech at the reception was hilarious, well thought-out, and touching. He wasn't really familiar with the concept of the 'first look', so I just told him to go stand by a tree and turn around only when Allie came around the corner to tap him on the shoulder.

Teddy, to me, always seemed rather reserved, until it was time to show emotion - and that always emerged when it was something or someone he cared about. We did a similar first look for these two, and it was equally adorable. My shooting partner, Ty, and I scouted for locations, and we were in an apple orchard, so there wasn't really a bad location.

After the first look, we branched out to bridal party photos. This is also where the only apparent problems of the day came up. The ladies thought it would be fun to lift up teddy, and being classic jokester Teddy, he went limp and they dropped him in the grass creating a large stain on his pants. People were yelling, 'Feet first, Teddy, feet first', but it was too late.

Temporary panic arose. A groomsman of the same size gave up his pants for the Groom when they couldn't remove the stain. This whole debacle took place while trying to keep it a secret from the mothers, and I don't think they found out until afterward. 

It was a wonderful day, my bald head is colossally sunburnt, and I'm almost landing in Fargo. I'll post a couple more blogs this week, so stay tuned and like Friesen Photography on Facebook to be notified when they come out. Until the next story...