This was a unique wedding for sure. Stresses seemed high right as I arrived, but that's usually to be expected. It was a rather nice day with decent cloud cover, and I was shooting with my buddy Josh from Rockstar Weddings.

Pocket Squares

Brian wasn't to see Sarah before the wedding, so we had to always keep one in hiding. In this case, we shot the bridesmaids + groomsmen separate. We were supposed to shoot with the guys first, but the pocket squares were no where to be found. 

They couldn't shoot without them, so someone had to run 20 minutes into town and search the house for them.

While waiting for the pocket squares to arrive, there was a lot of drinking. I love when wedding parties drink before the wedding. It's the attempt to be nonchalant and pretend what's happening isn't a really big deal.

There were happy times getting ready as well as stressful times. I imagine the second image is Sarah thinking about the lack of pocket squares.

There was also one upset child who was terrified of me. This actually usually doesn't happen.

The ceremony was beautiful and was held at Rustic Oaks in South Moorhead. There was a very picturesque window inside the farmhouse where I was able to capture the attendants. 

From the Ceremony, we went to the cocktail hour. It was outdoors, there were drinks, and most importantly, a Michael Bublè playlist.

I like highlighting individual characters from weddings, and Uncle Bob was sure interesting. I found him hanging out after the wedding with his beer and cigar. He pulled a few dollars from his pocket and proceeded to hand them to the little girl (who was terrified of me from earlier in this blog). She took the money with the biggest smile and ran away with them. The dad attempted to give the money back, but Uncle Bob wasn't having any of that.

So now to the father-of-the-bride. He was rather mellow all day while sitting around waiting for the wedding to start. Once the dance started + what I would assume to be a couple of drinks, he hit the dance floor whether there was anyone there or not. He killed it. It was definitely one of the biggest surprises of the day, and a pleasant memory while editing photos.

I inevitably cry at one point during every wedding day. Sometimes multiple times, but the Groom + Daughter dance was the moment for this wedding. 

Even if this sassy little girl did call me 'Nick the Bald Head' early in the day, their first was adorable. Brian even dropped to his knees to dance with her.

Never have I not cried during a first daddy-daughter dance.

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