From the moment I opened up the 'First Look' portion of Cole + Lahren's photos, the tears began. Never have I seen a couple more infatuated with one another. It emanated from their very being. We decided on a staged first look prior to the wedding to make the photos and coordination of the day easier. I spent the morning with Lahren as she got ready, and Ty (my second shooter), spent the morning with the guys. She was periodically anxious as would be expected, because thunderstorms were in the forecast.  This was to be an outdoor wedding, so when a clap of thunder nearly shook the salon, she popped the pout-iest face I've ever seen. When she finally put on her dress, she kept saying, "We're going to go see Cole now. I'm going to see him now. Let's go see Cole"

Seeing the way they were entirely dependent on each other was truly beautiful. In talking to my second shooter, he said, "Yeah, Cole just kept saying he wanted to go see her. That's all he wanted." In the weddings I've shot, I don't think I've ever seen a couple who was so relaxed with the others' presence. It's like all anxiety went away, and the nerves were completely calmed. 

Okay, so to the first look. Getting everyone ready was particularly difficult. Lahren went ahead to 'The Pavilion' on Detroit Lakes and waited for Cole to get there. The groomsmen showed up with a couple bottles of fireball and began drinking. Once Cole arrived, he was blindfolded and led into the Pavilion where they got to hold hands for the first time that day, but not before striking some fun 'I can't see anything, but I'm going to have some fun with it' poses. I got some shots before they were led out to the beach for the actual first look.

The actual first look can sometimes appear forced. Like, "I, the groom, know the photographers are here, so I need to look surprised when I see her." This was not that. This was one of my favorites. He kinda threw open his mouth with some exclamatory statement of unbelief. It was also the best almost kiss I've ever seen. When Cole went in for the kiss, Lahren goes, "Wait, we can't...yet" and Cole goes, "WHY NOT." All in attendance were crying. So good. 

Side note: Lahren had the best rainboots that coordinated with the wedding colors, since there were puddles. 

Here are a few more from the day. Make sure to like Friesen Photography, because there will be more pictures/blogs in the near future.