Three kids under 10 can be difficult to shoot sometimes, but we managed to grab some good shots.

We were walking to a new location when the big brother ran up behind the little one and slammed him on the ground. We waited for cries to ring out, but they just started to wrestle like all good brothers should. 


This little one seemed to make all the faces except the one we wanted him to make. He knew exactly what he was doing, too. He eventually cooperated with the bribery of Oreos.

My studio was transformed into a household of 5 quicker than I could have ever thought. Toys and games were on the floor, dirty diapers in my trash, and a crying baby on the table. This is the context to the situation. It's not as calm as it seems, but I loved it.

And what would this blog post be without a couple of pictures of Dan's viking beard. He says he may be getting rid of it, so if you see him, please advise him against such a detrimental decision.