There's a certain kind of energy contained within a live performance. I've taught piano + guitar lessons for 5 years, but I rarely do gigs outside of playing for family and friends. Sure, I've done a couple of coffee shop shows, but nothing significant, and certainly not with a band. I'd like to form one eventually, but for now I'll continue teaching and keep playing in the church 'band'.

I generally enjoy musicians whose performance contains styles of music I'm not well versed in. I can play different genres, but D mills and the Thrills is a niche of music I'm entirely not familiar with. I've never consciously chosen to listen to Rage against the Machine or Beastie Boys until today (the night after the show). 

They played with such a high level of energy. It was contagious, and the crowd was picking it up. It was a different type of intensity than I've seen in other performances. Maybe it's partly because of the style of music? Each facial expression in the photos is incredibly focused, but in a way where you can still assume they are enjoying it. The lead singer's hair movement was also nearly as fun as her music.

I'm curious to learn more about this style of music, so I've been binging on similar styles all day. If you know me, you know I enjoy playing John Mayer on the guitar, and more of an inspirational or jazzy style of improv piano. So, this is new to me. I'm not sure what sort of a rapper I would be, but it may be better than my vocals.

Go like them on Facebook, and go see their next show.