Occasionally I go flying with one of my friends that owns a plane. I decided to bring my camera along to document some of the happenings. Flying in a four seater plane is exhilarating. I fly on plenty of commercial jets, but rarely on small ones. There's much more turbulence, and the wind, temperature, and season will throw the aircraft around much more.  

"Hanging with bae on my birthday." - Shane on his Birthday

Apparently there were rough conditions even though it was a really nice day. 

He wasn't about to let me land the plane after last flights difficulty, but he let me cruise around for 10 minutes or so. He gave me the altitude, bearing, and speed that I was to be at, and I tried to adjust accordingly. It was difficult with so many different dials and not wanting to glance down for too long, since I wanted to keep my eyes on the skies.

What a glorious little plane, and a beautiful day at play in the air. Until next time, my friend.