Jared + Andrea were terrified that they'd be awkward when it came to engagement photos. They were incredibly fun, and I think the session went better than they expected. They were very natural, and certainly in love.

They told me the story about meeting online. I asked them about their first kiss and Jared seemed opposed to the idea of Andrea talking about it, but she went on.

"So we had been dating for two or three months and hadn't kissed yet. One night we were sitting on the couch in my apartment and Jared turns to me. I thought he was going to tell me some really bad news. He said, 'so we haven't kissed yet.' Like really Jared, this is how you were going to do it?!'

There were a couple shots where Andrea consoled Jared after the story.

We were in the car and Andrea told me another story about their 5th date. She thought she saw her mom at the restaurant, so she dove under the table. That actually happened - Jared confirmed it. She so badly didn't want her mom to meet him under those circumstances. Somehow they recovered from it.

I like to do winking shots. Neither of them were exceptional at it. Jared thought he could do better since Andrea apparently winks with both eyes. It's okay though, I do too.

Sometimes I'll run out into the very middle of the street and tell the couple to run across. It usually surprises them, and Andrea said she was concerned for my well-being.

I know your guys' wedding is going to be a blast based on this shoot. 

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