Joe + Lacey had the perfect weather for their big day. It wasn't too hot, it was cloudy for the majority of the day, and most importantly - it didn't rain. A gorgeous outdoor ceremony, an amazing sunset, some drunk groomsmen, and a guy that didn't take a bad picture no matter how many I shot of him throughout the day or on the dance floor. These things will be in the blog, and it's a long one. 

If you're looking for some engagement / wedding photos - please reach out!

Also, special thanks to whoever this gal is for keeping Joe hydrated and giving me a subtle scowl after I bought him his second shot of fireball during the dance ;)


And here's the section for the drunkest groomsman award.

And the section for the groomsman who never appeared poorly in a photo.

I hope you enjoyed the photos. Feel free to share the blog, and if you're engaged or know someone who is, message me.