First looks often carry a higher peak of emotions than the ceremony itself. Stress has built up throughout the day, all bottling until the actual moment of that look. It's a look that makes most, if not all of the worries go away. Sometimes my favorite first looks are with the dads. For them, it looks like a whirlwind of joy / sadness wrapped up in one, that brings them to tears. Susy's dad made my job harder, as I had to see through my own tears to continue taking pictures. 

Susy had already seen Jordan (pics farther down), but we had Dad come out the church doors where she was waiting. Here's some shots.

Jordan was waiting at the church for Susy to arrive with a few groomsmen. He didn't seem to stressed, but he clearly wanted to see her very badly.

While we were waiting, I asked Jordan if he was 'allowed' to text or call Susy before he saw her. He said they chatted and texted earlier, but when he called again, "I got her sister, so I guess not anymore."

I usually set up some sort of first look with the Bride / Groom where she comes up behind him and taps him on the shoulder. I had talked Jordan through what was going to happen, because he was unfamiliar with the idea of the first look. I must have not been very clear. Susy was walking up behind him and I said 'Now when you turn around, turn to your right' (So I could catch his reaction), but he turned right then, and I kinda let out an, "Ah, wait, not yeeeeetttt.", but his reaction was still wonderful, Susy just wasn't in the frame yet.

Immediately after seeing each other, Susy saw a spider crawling into Jordan's jacket, so those pictures are memorable, but need context.

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