Diet / Lifestyle Change

It's been two weeks since I've had a beer. Not just beer, but scotch, too. Anyone close to me knows how difficult this is, but I've always said I'm not dependent, and could stop whenever. This is still true, but going to Junkyard brewing company with my friends 4 times in the past 14 days with only the ability to smell the beer is literally the worst thing. I'm incredibly thankful for their cold-press coffee, unless I consume 32oz in one night, which I unfortunately did without thinking. This definitely frames me as an addict, but I realize It's only the taste that brings me back to the pub. Two drinks won't bring me to a buzz, and that's generally all I ever have in a sitting. Such drinking habits bring me to 14 a week, and that has kept my dad-bod rockin for the past year or so.

My buddy and I were working at a coffee shop one day when he looks up from his computer and says,

"Dude, we gotta Get Ripped, Get Rich."

We both realize this is probably the most tool-esque thing we could ever say, but it stuck. He introduced me to the Ketogenic Diet, which I'm still learning more about, but I've been following. In short, it's virtually zero carb, and high fat. Yes, like just about any diet, but with this there's no cheat days, no fruits, and no alcohol. 

I haven't cheated this entire time, and that's the difference between past diets. I'm the type that easily picks up new hobbies and fads. It's rare when I can keep them up for longer than two weeks, but I'm pretty excited about this. 

In addition to the lack of alcohol, I've eaten less than 20g of Carbs per day for these two weeks. To put it in perspective, one 12oz can of coke has 42g of carbs. If we were to backtrack to a couple weeks ago, my average day consisted of 3 double-cheeseburgers, fries, and a pop for lunch, then a couple of appetizers and a few beers for supper at 11pm. Something as unhealthy as this went on for over 6 months. I didn't cook for myself, and ate only one meal a week at my parents' place.

I'm down nearly 20 pounds on the diet, and an overall 35 pounds down from my highest ever. I have a few things motivating me to continue, and I've loved the encouragement from family and friends.

Rockclimbing + Bouldering

In theory, it looks like a blast. My friend has a moonboard, or an upside-down climbing wall in his garage. I can't really get very far, but it's an intense workout, and it's so fun. He climbs it like a freaking monkey, and I want that, too. I want to go on climbing trips and be able to keep up with my physically able friends. I've always been coordinated to keep up in sports, but I've never had endurance. There seems to be a close-knit group of climbers in the area, all who have been so kind upon meeting them. I need to cut so much weight, and get so much stronger, but it's a long term goal.

Running + Hiking

Again, 'In Theory', these seem exciting. I have a goal of not vigorously despising running. I'm getting to a more comfortable state of running, and I'd like to get into some more extreme hiking. The two hiking trips I've been on held some of the most spectacular sights I've ever seen, but I was physically miserable the whole time. I want to hike higher, and feel better, then set up my hammock. My dad has run a few marathons at a faster pace than I run a single mile, and he's really just a skinny version of me.

Unreasonable Reasons I'm Dieting

I think there's this persona in movies, tv shows, and hopefully real life. When there's professional photographer directing some sort of huge shoot, maybe a wedding, or a movie. If he's bald, he's also ripped and wearing a black v-neck with tight dark-wash jeans. This is future me. Essentially if Jason Statham were a photographer. I'll get there.

I want a tattoo and maybe a piercing or two, possibly (sorry mom). Slimming down means I'm more confident with my body, and I can get those tattoos and maybe that ear-bar piercing I've always thought looked cool.

You Can Help

Invite me to the gym. Come eat low-carb meals. Join me on the diet. Let's go on really slow long run/walks. Ask to be put on the list of the people who want to receive the daily #GetRippedGetRich snapchat mirror selfie. Buy me a box of atkins chocolate bars for my sweet tooth. Also, I'm actually not joking about the snapchat, there will be a collage of all of them coming in a few months.