I'm sitting at Junkyard Brewing company. They're closing, and I'm sipping a Coke Zero. I had to pop a new hole in my belt today, and tomorrow I'll need to buy a smaller one. I can see my ribcage sometimes, which is something most take for granted, but it's newer for me as of recent, and rather cool. 

The Ketosis diet is truly changing my life. Science + my personal experience claims it works, but how, I have absolutely no idea. The theory I've put into practice is essentially eliminating carbs from my diet and eating high fat + protein foods. I don't eat bread, I wrap things in lettuce. I don't drink beer, I order Diet Cokes (enter a colossal wave of judgement from the aspartame haters). Outside of my avoidance of carbs and bread based things, much of my diet still feels unhealthy, but I feel better than I ever have. Yesterday's lunch was a habanero cheese hotdog microwaved next to a block of spicy cheese, also served next to some cottage cheese. Carbs: 5g. Previously normal meal for me at lets say, Mcdonalds: 210g. 

I ate more carbs in one meal than I now do in a week. My body is accustomed to taking those carbs and storing them as fat, because that's way more than anyone needs in a day. As the diet says, I stop the carbs and now get my energy from fatty foods. The fat energy is consumed immediately, and there is no carbs to store as fat, so I lose weight. 

Pounds, the restaurant, not my weight loss, has been my favorite place in the past 3 weeks. I'll get their bacon, egg, and cheeseburger and lettuce wrap it. They have rather filling salads, so I'm sure to be full, but without gaining any weight. I can usually find low carb items on most menus, but pounds has been the most enjoyable. I had a steak at the HoDo today, and that was pretty good. 

I'm a pretty emotional person, but weightloss hasn't been something I thought would trigger me. I tell people about it, but it's been more nonchalant, like 'this is just something I'm going to stick with.' I arrived home after having a rough evening and decided to try on a pair of corduroys from a few years ago. I bought a few of them on a sale and they didn't fit. They've never even come close to fitting me, but I told myself I would eventually lose the weight to fit into them. In past attempts, I tried them on and was close, but never ultimately fitting. I slid them up and they fit. They were baggy. I shed a few tears and went to bed happy, woke up the next morning and put on a shirt that also hadn't fit in a long time. I felt silly like the episodes of biggest loser where the weigh-scale is wet with happy tears.

I've actually gotten complements on things besides my shoes and watch - things I could always control that didn't involve my weight, so that's fun. 

I still haven't cheated once, but I've smelled an awful-lot of beers. I've found replacing carbs with copious amounts of coffee works well, especially 20Below's new Costa Rica blend. I really hate being 'that guy' at restaurants when confirming meals are truly low carb. I hate ordering omelettes without hashbrowns, and confirming that the soda the server delivered truly is diet. I love putting on a ring that slides on easier than before and confirmed even my fingers are less fat. I love feeling more confident waking up in the morning, even if it is at 10am, but it's really mostly the ribcage thing. 

There are certainly negatives, but nearly all products from this have brought me so much joy. I used to tease my dad for being chubby when I wasn't, then he started running marathons about the same time I got fat. He then started to tease me, so I'm trying to get back on his level. 

Also, in the past 3 weeks I've exercised only once, so once I do, I expect the weightloss to expedite.