I'm a month into the Keto diet, and I've really become accustomed the lack of carbs. I'm down 25 pounds, and I fit into size 36 jeans tonight fairly easily. I was previously hovering around size 40 waist. For those of you who haven't read any of the other blogs, I've basically stopped eating carbs and drinking alcohol, both of which are my favorite of things. The weight loss has slowed quite a bit, as will happen over time. It's really fun. Shirts fit, pants are baggy, and my my cheeks don't jiggle nearly as much. 

I've inspired at least four people to begin the diet. One of whom has told me he's getting immediate results like I did. It's enjoyable being somewhat of a diet coach to people who ask questions about it. I'm certainly no expert, but I know what Keto approved foods make me happy while dieting. If anyone else is starting, let me know, because it's encouraging. 

I still eat at Pounds too many times a week. Too many because it's expensive, but it's amazing. I'm exercising a little more now, but still working into it. I did some dike sprints with Shane the other day, and that really kicked my butt, but I beat him 5/7, so that's all that matters.

I had a celebratory sampling of some scotch tonight. It was probably .3 of a drink, but OH THE FLAVOR. I think I'm going to go back to the whole not drinking thing, but I'll occasionally have a bit of scotch, since it doesn't have carbs. At least I haven't broken the diet, so whiskey isn't really cheating. I'm at 220lbs, and once I get below 200 for the first time, I'm going to return to sampling beers. I won't drink full ones, but I'll have enough to blog about how they taste. When I get to 180 I'm going to patagonia to climb a mountain. 

I hope for the next blog to bring you a size 34 waist, but we'll see.