It was a splendid Friday morning in Tampa, Florida. I arose to bacon and eggs and a refreshing glass of water after a night of rockband. We picked up Bryn at her place a few blocks away, and headed to the 'causeway' to begin pictures. We shot by the water for a while, adventured in Safety Harbor, and had lunch at a local diner. Matt is one of my long-time friends of nearly 20 years, and it was wonderful to see this woman he has fallen in love with. I've been to Tampa two other times in the last year, but I have never done a portrait session outside of the North Dakota or Minnesota area, so this was quite enjoyable.

There was so much different scenery that I was not accustomed to, which made the creativity grow all the more. They seemed very comfortable with the camera, and we were able to get some of my favorite shots I've ever taken. Thanks, you two!