Whoa. It really doesn't get much better than this, guys. This is probably one of my favorite couple shots I've ever taken, and I'm really happy with my brand new lens. The sky was on fire that night, and it was getting dark quickly. We got started much later than we anticipated, but we made the best of the rapidly fading light. 

Meet Matteo + Katie. Matteo is an engineer from Italy, and Katie is a Detroit Lakes native. 

Another amazing thing about the wedding was the groom's twin. The amount that they are identical was insane. Same facial expressions, gestures, haircut and even accent. Mirco, the brother, began entering the cabin where the bride was before the ceremony. I tried to block him from seeing her, but he then introduced himself as the brother. He pointed to his pinstripes and lack of flower as a way to tell them apart. They are a goofy duo.

My tear counter was at 2 for the day. The first time was when I asked Mirco how well he gets along with Matteo (the groom). He said, in a thick italian accent and a big grin on his face, 

"We could not live under the same roof, but we get along. We do everything together. I love him."

I don't think brotherly love could be summed up any better. I put the quote in my phone and read it to myself afterward, and the tear counter was at 1.

I know people hate railroads because of freak accidents, but I had my second shooter watch for trains, so we were fine. Also, can you say no to a bride on her wedding day?!

Before the ceremony, they each exchanged letters to be read in private. Tear number two was in sync with the groom crying to Katie's letter.

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