I've known Griffin for almost 5 years now. We met at an audition for a worship team at a local church. He got in, and I did not. Griffin is an incredible musician and fancy man. He received a lot of jokes about his long hair and occasional man-bun throughout the day, but I thought it photographed nicely. I've only known Alex since the engagement session, but she's very sweet and looked stunning in her dress. Never before have I had a bride who was taller than me in flats (I'm 6'2). Enjoy the images, and send me a message if you're looking for some 2018 wedding pics. 

This blog is longer than normal, but make sure you see the river sunset pictures at the bottom. By far my favorite sunset session in a while, and maybe ever.

Thanks for looking at pics of these two if you made it this far. Tomorrow or the next day we'll meet the wedding party, so stay tuned and keep checking back to nicholasfriesen.com/wedding and please, if you're engaged, send me a message!