I had planned on writing this last night, but I didn't have any coffee in my system. I've accidentally conditioned myself to only blog after draining at least 2 cups of coffee, and now it's hard to write on a caffeine deprived mind. It has been one of the best coping methods for this diet, and I'm drinking upwards of 30oz of coffee daily. I'm at 20oz now, so I'm good to go.

I'm super close to 30lbs down, and if I work hard today (essentially eat 2 salads and not hot dogs), I'll hit the mark tomorrow morning. The weight loss has significantly slowed down, but I knew I couldn't keep up the 5-8lbs a week mark. It's also halted a bit because I've given myself a couple of freedoms: whiskey and Hardee's. Whiskey has no carbs, so it's not a significant threat to my diet, and Hardee's will lettuce wrap all of their sandwiches. I've never spent $15 dollars at a fast food establishment before, but I'm a stress eater, and someone in my life died recently, so 4 double-bacon-cheese burgers encased in a bit of lettuce is okay with me. I'm not making light of my friend, but I'm clarifying for those that think I've quit my diet - because I haven't, I'm just a little slower.

If you haven't seen the other blogs, I mainly want to lose weight and rock climb. Rock climbing is nearly impossible if you aren't very strong, and mostly skinny. I'm currently neither of those things, but I'm getting closer on the skinny part. Minus 30lbs makes it much easier to hang on the rock wall. My climbing shoes came in a few days ago, and while they're insanely uncomfortable and bring my feet all the cramps, climbing is much easier. Again, if you haven't read the other blogs, I climb on a friends moonboard in his garage, which is essentially a 47 degree overhang with a bunch of colored holds. It's way harder than a normal rock wall, and I can finally almost get to the top. Much of learning the climbing process appears to be just shredding your hands until they form callouses. You need callouses under your callouses so that when you reach for a hold and a callous pops open, there's a callous underneath that allows you to hold on and not fall 6 feet to the two inch mat beneath you. I climb until my hands bleed, tape it up, go home, be sore for a few days (both hands and arm muscles), and go back. My buddy is patient with me, and he's been a good coach. My diet joke is that I want to 'Climb all the rocks.'

Outside of my own personal weight-loss, I'm finding my blog has inspired others to start losing weight. I had a guy approach me last night to thank me for the way I presented my blogs. It motivated him to start the Ketogenic diet, and as of last night, he was a few weeks in and 20 pounds down. That's really cool to hear. Another friend that started 3 weeks ago is down 16 pounds. He spent six weeks prior working out and dieting to only lose 11 pounds. With Keto he's at 27! I'm only 15 pounds away from allowing myself to taste beer again. 46 days is a freaking long time if you know how close craft beer is to my heart.