North Moorhead seems to recently have been dubbed 'NoMo', and I really like that. I texted my family about there being 'NoMo Market', and they thought I meant it had been cancelled, so I had to clarify what we mean by NoMo. 

Junkyard Brewing Company was kind enough to host the Market, and they appeared to be selling quite a bit of beer. 

Warren Christiansen entertained the crowds with his acoustic jams, and I'll never tire of hearing him play some Johnny Cash.

There was a variety of different produce, clothing, and even some homemade dog treats.

People seemed to be having a good time. It was rather hot, but the wind compensated for the sun.

My friend Jeremiah was letting people taste-test his habanero hot sauce and some guacamole. Be ready to see it in the future.

I don't have too many words for this blog, other than this was a wonderful event. The organizers did an amazing job of putting this together, and I hope this 'pop-up' is able to happen again. Growing up in Moorhead, it's neat to see downtowners finding value in NoMo, when many disregard it as dumpy.