This was my second time in Paris, and I was overjoyed to return. A good friend is moving to Montana, and we had one last trip we could take together. He had never been to Paris, so we hung out at the Eiffel Tower, sat in the rain at Notre Dame, and shared a bottle of wine at a small local pub.

We were in the Dominican Republic for New Years and my buddy booked a hostel that we thought was near the resorts, beaches, and people. Instead, it was about a 30 minute drive from any tourists, which turned out to be the best part of the trip. Anyway, we did meet an irishman from Paris at the small hostel and he told us to get in contact if we ever visited. So back to the small local pub. We're sharing the bottle of wine with this guy and a Frenchman who likes chatting politics with americans approaches and invites us to a night club. We danced until 4am and were 'vip' at a club for the night. 3 hours of sleep, then back on the airplane. It was a successful 26 hours on the ground in Paris. Here are some pics.