Moorhead had it's Rare Beer Picnic yesterday in Davy Park. Essentially, it was a grouping of smaller breweries based a couple hundred miles from here. One brewery I talked to had only been open 6 months - hence the 'Rare Beer Picnic'. A few seasoned breweries like Surly showed up, but most seemed to be newer.

My favorite beer of the evening came from Disgruntled Brewing out of Perham. They had a wonderful 'Imperial Brunch Stout', which was the closest drink anything has ever come to breakfast. Many companies tout their 'breakfast stout' or something with donuts, or morning-foods in the title, but it really doesn't taste much like it. This beer was truly something that tasted like breakfast, or as they desire, brunch.

Imperial stouts have been my jam lately. There were two imperials that tapped out right in front of me, including this Longship. I heard it was the best of the night, but alas, I went with the barrel aged irish stout. It was certainly unique, with some smokey flavors that tasted scotchy. To clarify, it was a good unique. 

I overhead someone ask the brewer, "Is the beard a requirement for working with the brewery?"

He responded, "No. But would you ever trust a non-bearded brewer?"

There were a couple hundred people there at all times, and quite a few people I knew.

Thanks for the fun, and well organized event, Junkyard Brewing Company. 

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