Downtown Fargo's Red River Market kicked off it's season today, and I took a couple of pictures in case you weren't able to be there. It's significantly bigger than last year, and had a variety of 10 x 10 booths. There were people selling arts + crafts, fresh produce, cookies, beer, and clothing apparel. It was super hot today, and my rather pale skin acquired a decent sunburn.

20below Coffee + Stumbeano's coffee roasters were also there. I had a Fargo Brewing Co. beer beforehand, so I had to coffee-up afterward. I'm currently back to a neutral state.

My friends Warren and The Jazz Committee performed for a while, which was apparently sponsored by the HoDo.

Most appeared to go with their friends and family, but some sat out and enjoyed the sun.

It was a great day. Thanks to those who put it on, and I look forward to future ones.

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