This wedding and all those involved was an absolute blast. The bridal party was one of my favorites in a long time, and they bought me way too many shots:)

These adorable ceremony photos are brought to you by what the "minister" called the "second most disruptive photographer he's ever worked with." Meaning, a client has hired me to get lovely shots of their ceremony, and this ELCA "minister" must've been upset that I'm 6'3? I'm still not quite sure what I've done, because in my 50+ weddings shooting the same way, I've never had an issue, but apparently I was "stealing their show". Upon interviewing many of the bridal party and others, I actually disrupted nothing - but I found it humorous that he felt 'called' to pull me aside immediately after the ceremony, nevertheless ;) Thanks buddy - you've stolen the show of this particular section of this blog ;) 

We were rushing the sunset photos a bit too close, but we made it to a lovely location just in time. 

This dance turned up more than the majority of dances, so enjoy those pics. I'm sure all you hungover individuals will appreciate these. 

The last section of the blog is the drunkest of the wedding party. Here are your winners :) 

I hope you liked the photos, and if you need your wedding or engagement pics taken, send me a message!

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