Welcome to Youngblood Coffee Co. Tim and Elisha just opened shop a couple of days ago and I stopped into check it out. What a gloriously clean atmosphere and incredible coffee of all varieties. 

When it comes to the space, it's not very big - but that's okay. It's cozy, but also rather bright. The lack of clutter hanging from the walls means for a very white and minimalistic vibe. It's what I desire in an art gallery, but as a coffee shop.

Youngblood Coffee isn't roasted locally, but that doesn't diminish their care for the coffee they have shipped in. They work with FourBarrel Coffee Roasters out of San Francisco where Tim used to work.

Their menu consists of a Chemex and Pour-over brew methods, with an assortment of the simpler of latte-creations. The Chai Latte hit hard with a sweetness and followed with a tasty spice in the throat. 


I tried their espresso, Kenya, and Columbia beans - all of which have a satisfying fruitiness to them. The espresso was served with a cute little sparkling water glass, and the chemex with an extra serving cup. I also always enjoy cafes with more traditional white mugs.

They don't have WiFi in hopes to (I assume) ward off lounging college students in the area. I used my iPhone hotspot, which I clarified wasn't against the rules. They asked if I wanted to sample a new sample Kenya bean that was fresh. They were hand sorted where they originated, and the brew was extra sweet.