I’m currently flying from Tampa to MSP aboard a Delta operated MD-90 aircraft. I’m listening to ‘The Oh Hello’s” new album, ‘Dear Wormwood’, while sipping orange juice, and snacking on some pretzels. The last day.5 has been fairly exhilarating with plenty of adventure to be had. With a couple of hours left in my flight, I’m going to attempt a habit of blogging about my travels to pass the time in the air without internet connection. I was able to secure an exit row, so I have an exceptional amount of leg room, as well as sufficient space for my laptop.

I flew out of Fargo Thursday morning with only the slight hiccup of a 15 minute potential mechanical on the plane. I spent my 3 hour ‘layover’ in MSP telling myself not to order the Macallan 18-year scotch from the airport iPad sitting at my charging station. I didn’t get it. Many regrets. On the flight to Tampa, I sat next to Rodger – a fellow non-revenue passenger who is from Ft. Wayne, Indiana, and has a daughter who works with Delta in Tampa. We sat in the very back row of an MD-88, and he had just sprinted through multiple gates and was doused in sweat.

My childhood friend of nearly 20 years, Matt, picked me up at the airport and we made a brief pit-stop at Chic-fil-a, because Chic-fil-a… We ran some errands before he left me with his car to go coach his middle-school basketball team. I drove his beater to the ‘causeway’ where I observed some fisherman, took some photos, and sat beneath the bridge that connects Clearwater and Tampa. The view of the seemingly endless bridge was phenomenal. My Fargo-born-and-raised eskimo-body wasn’t reacting well to the 90-degree weather, which was nearly a 60-degree difference from North Dakota earlier that morning.

Next I ‘yelp-ed’ (can that be a thing?) for a local pub with a decent local brew selection and I stumbled upon ‘Nolan’s Irish Pub’. It was a beautiful little shop where I was the only patron. Jeff greeted me when I arrived and served me a Tampa brewed beer that broke my top 10 IPA’s list. You probably don’t understand the significance of this. All I drink is hop-heavy drinks, and this hurdled above hundreds of previously consumed IPAs to it’s leaderboard status. Enough of what you may perceive as mild alcoholism (which it is very much not), and on to the rest of my trip.

We went to a local burger joint, played rock-band at Matt’s apartment, and passed out before midnight. This morning we went out for what I think is my favorite engagement I’ve ever shot. The couple is so beautiful, and significantly less awkward than they thought they’d be during photos. It’s fun to see distanced childhood friends find love and find the girl of their dreams. I can’t wait to share the images with you all.

I’m going to catch a nap before landing, so this quick story brings us back to my quite comfortable exit row seat, as I sit next to a gentleman reading the newspaper. In a few hours, I get to celebrate my buddy Adam’s birthday in Minneapolis by going guitar shopping and brewery tasting. From now until then I must consider whether I want to hop over to Los Angeles for tonight and tomorrow morning, since I have the day off. Flight departs MSP at 7:37pm. Do I want more travel, or do I want to sleep in Fargo all day tomorrow? We’ll see.